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  • Quoted in How to Decide Which Technologies Will Boost Blended Learning in the College Classroom (posted in (8/6/15) New 
  • Reading: 7 Key Trends for eLearning for 2016 (posted 7/7/15)
  • Attended eLearning Asia Forum 2015 held at SIM University in Singapore, June 17-19
  • Wrote an article for eCampusNews: Can This Technology Help Solve Distance Learning Isolation Issue? (posted 4/15/15)
  • Brought the department to CanvasCon 2015 at University of Florida last week (posted 4/15/15)
  • Presented (by staff) “Activating the Social Brain with Web Conferencing” at CCUMC 2014 on October 17 (posted 11/11/14)
  • Spoke at a Campus Technology webcast on “Driving Student and Institutional Success via Technical Support” on July 17, 2014 (posted 7/23/14)
  • Presented “How To Convince Administration To Hire More Technology Support” at UBTech 2014 on June 16 in Las Vegas (posted July 2, 2014)
  • Presentation on “Making LTIs Work: Challenges and Solutions with Third Party Vendors” at CanvasCon Florida User Group Event- presented by our staff last Friday in North Florida (posted 4/21/14)
  • Participated in Pearson Embanet Partnership Summit (Forth Worth, Texas) and heard this morning a provoking brain research presentation “Why our brains are connected” by Matthew Lieberman (posted 4/2/14)
  • Attended UPCEA 2014 Conference in Miami and enjoyed several digital marketing sessions (posted 3/27/14).
  • Put together a team of marketing, recruiting, and logistical personnel to launch the Masters in Healthcare Administration Online in the Fall (posted 3/18/14)
  • Took Educational Technology Team to visit Florida Hospital’s Innovation Lab – discussed potential collaboration in game-based learning and eventually setting up a Learning Innovation Lab at ADU (posted 3/10/14).
  • Presented “Differentiating Your Online Programs From The Competition: Marketing, Recruiting, and Retention” at eLearning 2014 at Disney Hilton this morning – well attended by very engaged audience (posted 2/18/14).
  • Attended the Carnegie Conference at Disney Yacht Club Resort and heard from several fascinating internet marketing experts: David Lewis, Chris Colbert, Charles Scrase (from Google) , and Augustine Fou (posted 1/31/14).
  • Presented “Blended Learning Continuum and Dimensions” at ADU Faculty Professional Development Workshop yesterday (posted 1/29/14).
  • Participated in Adventist CIO Conference at La Sierra University and attended Educause 2013 last week (heard Sir Ken Robinson again and enjoyed his unique humor in a serious discussion about the role of technology in learning) (posted 10/21/13)
  • Visited ADU’s satellite campus in Denver and a software developer in Colorado Springs (posted 9/29/13)
  • Hosted a visit from Sahmyook Health University College (Korea), desiring to collaborate with ADU (posted 7/25/13)
  • Attended EmMeCon 2013 and visited a couple of educational institutions in Seattle (posted 6/19/13)
  • Spent a few days last week on Amelia Island with ADU university leadership retreat (posted 5/22/13)
  • Presented at an eLearning event at FIU Kovens Conference Center in North Miami (posted 4/21/13)
  • Spent a few days at University of Southern Caribbean in Trinidad, assisting them in technology infrastructure and distance learning initiatives (posted 3/11/13)
  • Presented at PASSHE Virtual Conference on “Distance Presence” (posted 2/15/13)
  • Presented on ADU’s Collaborate Upgrade Experience for Blackboard via Collaborate (posted 1/29/13)
  • Hosted a visit from six Adventist colleges and universities on ADU’s model of distance learning (posted 1/22/13)
  • Blackboard Collaborate roll out to all distance programs in the Fall term was a great success – good team work between instructors and support staff (posted 12/19/12)
  • Brought my team to UCF’s Center for  Distributed Learning yesterday and discussed with the leadership team on LMS, MOOCs, and other learning technology initiatives (posted 12/19/12)
  • Published with staff: “Managing Large Online Courses: The ADU Model”, Online Classroom, November 2012 Issue  (posted 11/09/12)
  • Attended NAD’s TDEC Meetings in Bangor, Maine last week (posted 10/17/12)
  • Met with USM’s educational technology and distance learning professionals in Portland, Maine last week (posted 10/17/12)
  • Visited National University of Singapore: CIT and New University Town (posted 9/21/12)
  • Rolling out Blackboard Collaborate for all distance courses (posted 9/4/12).
  • FHCHS is now officially Adventist University of Health Sciences with doctoral programs coming soon (8/13/12).
  • Presented “‘Seven Best Practices of Distance Presence: Resolving Critical Online Learning Issues and Challenges”, 5th Annual International Symposium for Emerging Technologies for Online Learning, Venetian, Las Vegas, July 26
  • Guest blog post at  Blackboard Blogs regarding upcoming Bbworld Connection Summit in New Orleans (posted 6/29/12)
  • Presented at DLA 2012 Conference, June 6 on Jekyll Island, GA (posted 06/11/12)
  • Visited 5 institutions on a LMS study trip (posted 3/28/12)
  • Spoke at Blackboard Executive Student Engagement Summit at the University of Miami last Thursday (posted 02/27/12)
  • Attended Miami Dade College Health IT Syposium (posted 02/02/12).
  • Attended NAD TDEC Meetings, Jan 23, 26, 27 in Orlando: Synchronous Distance Education via  Telepresence was the main topic of discussion and action (posted 01/30/12)
  • Presented at SACS Annual Meeting in Orlando on “”From Laptop to iPad and Smartphones: Preparing and Piloting A New Culture of Learning”, Dec 4, 2011
  • Presented with staff at AECT last week…attended all sessions solely in Second Life/Virtual Worlds track. (posted 11/15/11)
  • Attended Educause in Philadelphia last week…Cloud, Mobile, and Social dominated the conference…LMS was everywhere…met some old friends and some new one. (posted 10/24/11)
  • Led a Distance SIG Panel at Visual Communication Industry Group 2nd Annual Conference in New Orleans last week…audience indicated a strong demand for synchronous component in distance learning (posted 10/19/11)
  • Visited the new FHCHS Denver Campus and attended TDEC meetings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming…what a beautiful time to visit these places…basked in glorious golden aspen glow!! (posted 10/3/11)
  • Had a busy first week of class this Fall term…the laptop program is officially campus-wide…blended learning is more widely practiced…iPad 2 adopted by the new graduate OT program for clinicals (posted 09/02/11).
  • Made three presentations at back-to-back conferences in San Jose and Las Vegas last week…rode to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Vegas…incredible view from top of the famous Bellagio Musical Fountain Show (posted 07/18/11)
  • Vacationed last week in Canucn, Mexico…went up in parasailing and came down quite sick…one more thing checked off for this year (posted 06/27/11).
  • Walked the endless floors of Infocomm 2011…took a snapsot holding a 30-lb live gator at a Gator sofrtware booth – adding another new thing I did this year (posted 06/17/11)
  • Attended Educomm 2011…pretty good conference (posted 06/16/11)
  • Wrote a short article “From The Distance: Fostering Spirituality In Online Learning” for the June issue of Southern Tidings (posted 06/07/11)
  • Participated in a college leadership strategic planning retreat at the world’s largest Dude Ranch (posted 05/10/11)
  • Backed from an accreditation visit and “survived” an unofficial tornado (posted 04/22/11)
  • Presented last week at 22th Annual Conference on College and Teaching in Jacksonville, FL. (posted 4/11/11)
  • Celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary on a cruise last week (posted 3/7/11)
  • Read an interesting article about “How To ‘Gamify’ Your Class Website” (posted 2/22/11)
  • Heard a good interview about gaming on NPR: Could Gaming Be Good For You?
  • Presented to a group of high school principals on Feb 9 about distance learning
  • Attended SUETA Distance Learning Committee meetings on January 31.
  • Denver Polycom-based satellite campus opened with Radiography program on January 3…

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